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My name is Nikki O'Neill

Welcome to my little nook in the world of love and romance👋

As a published author, I wanted a place where I could give my creativity free rein, and take my readers along the journey from day one. Passion, emotion and *fun* are the key ingredients here. So kick back, relax, and watch the relationships between

my characters develop, word for word and chapter by chapter 🪶


At the moment, I am writing Lessons in Love, a sizzling online college romance novel about Louise and Spencer, who have a thing or two to learn from each other.😉


I am actively working on this story, so you can expect regular updates.


Like to get notified each time I post a new chapter?

Subscribe for free HERE.


You'll get to read the novel before anyone else does, leave feedback, and get early access to each new chapter.


Hope you'll become part of my story!


Vintage lazy chair with stack of books next to it
Hand-written diary with bouquet of dried roses on top and period coffee cup and saucer

Note: I want all romance lovers to feel welcome here! That's why reading while I'm developing my romance novel online is completely free of chargeI only ask that you respect my copyright and all my other rights as an author. So please don't distibute these love stories anywhere else. Referrals to this site are absolutely fine and greatly appreciated, of course! (Oh, and if you like what I'm doing here, don't hesitate to show your support by buying me a coffee or leaving a donation. It'll help me keep this site up and running, not to mention ad-free 😉 )

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